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KING SALMON: King Salmon strike lures and flies aggressively, fight long and hard, and they are great eating. The Mulchatna/Nushagak drainage has one of the largest runs of king salmon anywhere. We have several varieties of water to fish kings in, from drift fishing with boats to shore fishing in smaller tributaries. They can be effectively fished with spin, bait casting and fly gear. The peak run is the month of July. Fish range from 20-60 lbs.

RAINBOW TROUT: The rainbows of the Mulchatna are very highly colored, very aggressive and abundant. They are best fished with light-weight spinning and fly gear. Peak dates are June - September. Fish range from 1-8 lbs.

CALICO SALMON: Calico or chum salmon are very colorful, aggressive and plentiful salmon. They hit lures and flies well and make an unusual wall mount. Peak dates are July 1 - July 21. Sizes range from 8-18 lbs.

ARCTIC GRAYLING: Grayling are symbolic of wilderness areas, and are abundant on the Mulchatna. They are fun to catch with ultra-light spinning or fly gear. Peak dates are June - September. Grayling range from 1-3 lbs.

CHAR: The Char/Dolly Varden are beautifully colored and not very abundant at the time we fish the Mulchatna, but a few caught each season. The peak of the run, July 15 – September 30, occurs after we close our camp for the season. Sizes range from 2 - 8 lbs.

SOCKEYE SALMON: Sockeye salmon are hard fighting delicious-eating fish, but are hardest to catch. We successfully fish them with flies, and even get non-fly fishermen into catching them in short order. The Mulchatna sockeyes are some of the largest anywhere, with several records set at our camp. Peak dates are July 15 - 27. Sizes range from 5-16 lbs.
The exclusive land lease that Alaska Trophy Fishing Safaris possess enables this camp, and only one other hunting/fishing camp, permanent access to this entire 250-mile long river. Fishing success is further ensured by remaining open only during the absolute peak of the salmon seasons. With the extremely limited boat traffic, you also have a remote fishing haven to yourself as well as incredible wildlife viewing opportunities. This trip is for the purist angler at heart...away from the road system, the crowds, the tourists - this is the real Alaskan experience. Just you, the water, and the fish.